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#Placebo in Sziget Festival 2014 - day 3:


Touching…. ^^ Brian and Stefan at the end of Musilac festival, 2014


Fuuuuuuck. How can you be so handsome, Brian?


Fuuuuuuck. How can you be so handsome, Brian?

  • Pacha Magazine:“You’re the truth not I…” Which Placebo line holds the most significance?
  • Brian Molko:The one you’ve chosen is a fine example as it is a direct message to our fans. In song and on stage I speak my truth, but I have no delusions of grandeur that mine is absolute. There’s enough ambiguity in my writing for our fans to find their own stories in our songs. I also really like the line: “We can build a new tomorrow, today,” from ‘Speak In Tongues’. I sincerely believe it’s a call to arms to build a more tolerant future. But the change has to start within ourselves first; we all have the choice to live our lives with more compassion and kindness. I see it as karma – the more you give selflessly, the more comes back your way.


Placebo: Teenage Angst, live at Angkor Wat, 2008.